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About Me

Am a goal-driven individual with experience of massive skills in working with the key stakeholders and technical teams to provide timely and custom software solutions. Am skilled at building software solutions both for the android phone and web-based applications. Am highly ethical in executing my duty as a professional and am very passionate about what I do on a daily basis.

  • Born: 12th August 1996
  • Religion: Christian
  • Phone: +254 720077150, +254 100848397
  • Email:
  • Github:

What I am Good At.

These are few but not least of what i can bring onto the table .

creative design

I design UI/UX that is industrially accepted for my projects

Data Structures & Algorithms

Which enables me to write testable, efficient and quality code

Data Analytics

Presentation of data in a human readable form that can quickly help in decision making processes

Deployment Skills

I deploy my applications using modern technologies namely Jenkins, Docker on both the cloud (AWS,Digital Ocean and Heroku) and on premise servers.

Project Management

Basics learnt during my course work and the experience I have acquired over the past few years in the industry

Database Systems

Specifically RDBMS and NoSql

Software Architecting

Knowledge and skills to design software solutions architecture from the ground up

clean codes

Writing simple and clean code based on SOLID principle by uncle Bob


+254 100848397